Spiritual Doorway Into the Chakra System

Price(CDN$): $995.00

The Chakra System Course is designed to bring the unconscious into the consciousness.  

Remember, the only thing you leave with when you depart this earth plane is your Soul Self, everything else gets left behind.  Where you are in your spiritual growth is where you start in the after life...the lessons that you came here to learn and your life purpose depends on remembering who you are in balance, as you can raise your vibrations with the inner work that you do via the Seven Major Chakra Energy centers which resides within yourself.

I've designed this unique course for all backgrounds and levels, from beginner to advanced.  No matter where you find yourself at this time in your life, you can:

- Learn how to tap into your inner strengths and empower your life with positive changes.
- Learn how to see through the illusion of life's illusions.

Habits, patterns and beliefs can driect our lives in the way that we behave and interact with others.  If we continue to get hurt or to hurt others we should take a look at the habits, patterns and beliefs that keep us in this never ending cycle.

In my humble opinion, life is what you make it.  You can either choose to create chaos or you can choose to create balance and harmony, the choice is yours.  If you find yourself asking the same questions as I did at the age of 33..."Is there more to life than this?" ..."God, what is it all about?" ..."What is my life purpose?"...then this is the course for you!  The Chakra course is designed to assist you on a spiritual, personal, and professional level.
If you are intrigued by any of the above then maybe, just maybe, it's time to get connected with the self and create balance in your life.

Duration: 2 hours once a week for 8 weeks - we will book a convenient time slot.
Price: $995.00 + h.s.t

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