Life Coaching


If you are looking for guidance on a spiritual, personal and/or business level, a life coaching session may be for you!  Receive one on one channelling in my life coaching sessions that are geared specifically for you, providing guidance to take the steps in order to achieve your goals and overcome limitations.    

There are two types of coaching sessions:

Personal growth is a part of life. Some choose to embrace it and some choose to fight it.  Many people live life in a certian pattern or cycle and find themselves asking "why do I always end up here?", without ever taking the time to reflect on how they are contributing to these patterns or cycles.  Are you ready to reflect?  Are you ready to take full responsibility for the self and make changes to empower your life?  If you are, then booking a spiritual/personal session is a step in the right direction.    

Business coaching is designed to help you achieve your career goals.  Do you find yourself wanting to make a career change?  Feel as though you have hit a personal road block in your career?  Maybe you want to start a business and find yourself unable to take the necessary steps? Business coaching will provide guidance in achieving your goals, building self confidence in the working world, problem solving, creating your plan and getting in touch with the self in order to overcome personal blocks that keep you from thriving on a business level.


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