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The Journey Begins With the Self

My passion is to provide people with sound guidance, coaching and teaching so they can make better choices for themselves both personally and professionally.  

I am happily married and a proud mother of five, with 9 grandchildren in tow.  At the age of 33 I began my journey to connecting with the self, creating harmony and balance.  As a VERY busy wife and mother I began to ask myself.... "Is there more to life than this?" ..."What is my life purpose?" ..."What is it all about?" ...the list goes on! Perhaps you can relate?  

I began to look for clarity and listen to the universe as the answers came my way.  I realized that life is about choices and taking full responsibility for those choices.  The more open and aware I became, the more I realized that my life, my purpose and my goals are in fact my choice!  This is where my true journey began.  I became painfully aware that I've been spiritually connected my entire life and only at 33 years old, was I about to begin listening, learning and growing with this gift.  I compare it to a good knock on the head...and it was welcomed!

I shaped my life into what it is today by choosing to fully connect with the self, the universe, and all the endless possibilities it has to offer.  I now run a successful home based business helping others gain clarity, get connected with the self, create personal and business goals...and much, much more!  This is my passion and I created it.  Whether you would like to receive chaneling, reiki or any of my services or become a student and learn how to connect and do what I do...take a moment to see what I offer and perhaps this is where your journey begins!  

To learn more about my journey, experience and knowledge feel free to check out my article:
"The Illusion of Life's Illusions" 

Carole Hynes, Certified Coach Practitioner, CCF
Registered Holy Fire II Karuna Reki Master, Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Practitioner
Spiritual Life Coach, Bilingual

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 Check out my Article section to see what I wrote in 2004!



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