The Illusion of Life's Illusions - Part 1 of 2 ,Carole Hynes, owner of The Spiritual Doorway

Every day of my life I make choices and then accept full responsibility for those choices. A choice is but a choice that can be altered at any time through another choice.

Re-read the above and see if it triggers a response in may make you realize that you make choices every moment of every day and that there are consequences to those choices. Whether the outcome is good or bad, realize also, that you created your situation.

I am where I am in my philosophies of life because of the following questions that I asked myself a long time ago. Is there more to life than this? God... What is it all about? What is my life purpose? Have you ever asked yourself the same questions? The following are my observations on how to find the answers which in the end can create a whole new reality for you.

My first observation has been that most people start asking these common questions at approximately age 33. Generally these people may be going through any of the following experiences: a cross-road in their life such as the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one; men go through a Mid-life crisis; women go through Menopause; a person may be coming out of a mild or deep depression or they have so much stress in their lives that it becomes unbearable. With this much chaos in their lives, they don't even know how to get themselves out of the chaotic situation. They remain in an endless repetition of patterns. They get frustrated and start to question the existence of God - "How could God let this happen? Where is God when I need her/him? Then in the end, when all that is left are tears and an honest plea from the heart, they turn to God and ask for help.

Once you ask for help - God (the universe) will start to provide answers. You ask: 'Is there more to life than this?"
And the answers will come in all forms, so look for the signs - an overheard conversation on the bus; strangers talking to you and telling you their life story, which ends up pertaining to your situation; coincidences start to happen; friends and strangers talk about certain books and courses; you walk into a bookstore and realize you don't even remember going in, when a book catches your eye or falls off a shelf in front of you. Any of the above could be a start to your answers, so listen and notice any and all signs.
You may say that you are not really interested in following the Spiritual Way and that's alright because you will still receive answers through some form of spiritual concept.  For example:

Self-help books like: 'Being the Best You Can Be in MLM' by John Kalench.
Landmark Education Courses
Movies like: 'The Matrix';
Songs such as: "No Matter What" by the Boyzone

My second observation has been that once people decide to read books or take courses, they begin to see their pre-programmed habits and repetitious patterns. That's when they make changes and then start to take responsibility for their choices that they make in life. You ask God: "What is it all about?" and you get your answer: it's about changing habits, patterns and beliefs, which is not an easy thing to do but once you have the conviction that they no longer serve you - change is the only way to go.

The following are some examples of how people are stuck - these are the black and white situations of life that most people see - from one extreme to the other. Finding a BALANCE with some of your habits, patterns and beliefs may be all that is needed with some situations.

Do you recognize any of these?

--Always complaining about life in general
--Keeping everything inside
--Saying that it's always someone else's fault that this is happening to you
--Allowing others to blame you
--Beating yourself up through your speech on how you perceive yourself
--Allowing others to beat you up through their speech on how they perceive you
--Drug and alcohol abuse
--Allowing any form of abuse to the self
--Never taking a time out for yourself
--Being selfish with your time

--Thinking that you don't have a choice
--Not being able to make a decision
--Not knowing how to say 'No'
--Saying No too often
--Feeling guilty
--Making others feel guilty
--Putting the other person first
--Not thinking of anyone else but yourself
--Assuming what people are thinking or going to do
--Not being expressive in your wants and needs
--Being overly expressive about your wants
--Allowing yourself to be controlled
--You trying to control others

--Believing that you are useless
--Believing that no one else knows anything better than you
--Believing that you are always right
--Believing that you are stupid
--Believing that there is only one person out there for you
--Believing that it is your destiny to struggle and suffer and that there is nothing you can do to change it
--Not worthy of happiness
--Believing that because your mother was an alcoholic - that you will be too
--Believing negative connotations like: fortune telling is the work of the devil

Continued in Part 2


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