Terms and Conditions

terms and conditions

All programs, courses, workshops, sessions, services, prices and duration are subject to change without notice at the discretion of The Spiritual Doorway (Carole Hynes).  The client/customer understands and agrees that payment for a course, session or service is Non-Refundable and  a credit may be applied to a future date, within one year, should the client/customer need to cancel, up to a maximum of 2 dates at which point the credit becomes void.   Should The Spiritual Doorway (Carole Hynes) need to cancel a course, workshop, session or service, the client/customer will be credited the same course, workshop, session or service within 1 months time, or a later date if preferred by the client/customer.  

To preserve the integrity of the information contained in all courses, workshops, sessions and/or services, prevent the incorrect practice of teaching/coaching, and avoid harm to persons due to incorrect or inadequate instruction the client/customer hereby agrees, with no mental reservations, that all techniques and priciples taught in all courses, workshops, sessions and/or services will be held confidential and under no circumstances divulged to others. 

I will not utilize the knowledge from a course, session or service to intentionally harm others.

I will not hold The Spiritual Doorway (Carole Hynes)  liable for any negative effects with the misuse of the teachings and principles in any course, workshop, session or service. 

All material presented is confidential  and no audio or video recording is permitted.  No replicating, duplicating or otherwise reproducing the materials for the use of anyone other than the participant/client is permitted.   No using the materials or infromation for the purpose of training others is permitted **Reiki I & II and Reiki Advanced certification permits you to offer Reiki as a service to others, not to teach it.   Reiki Masters certification permits you to teach Reiki I & II, Reiki Advanced and Reiki Masters**



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